Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis

by Hologram Pants

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released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Mommy Still Aint Proud O Me
Mommy still aint proud o me because I sell weed

Yall know Mommy, you know she love me,
but she aint proud o me.
She's all like what the fuck are you gonna do with your life?
Same thing as always, Mah. A'ight?

My first paycheck equaled my first bag,
More money after that meant even fatter sacks,
When I was broke as a joke it was my only way to bounce back,
Now it movin like aspirin 'stead of slinging like crack,
No more berries and cherries, dodging down alleyways
and taking mad flak even after surviving the attack,
Got the law on our side this time
but my mom aint changed her mind
she still thinks this shit is wak

Born with a face not even a mother could love,
Cuz it looked just like its father,
Big sisters dissapointed,
Cuz they promised her I'd be another daughter,
Opposition - always got it, endorsement - not what I wanted,
Oughta build it, so I bought it,
Lack therof always flaunted,
Not often polished, but honest. trotted out like rockin,
Trip-hoppin cuk-socking lobotomies - obviously not the only option
Flowin like roses wars of imposing olfaction, forgotten aromatic inaction
Of the Peaceful lack of process to get us all across this divide
of What we have and where and why, until it's neither you or I nor do or die
The loss just multiplies regardless of whatever whomever tries
So slip and slide, subside, divize some signs we might survive this time
Errors by which our trials' designed
Cuz I'm abiding this life with a rolled leaf and a light

If I can't have my fire, I might put up a fight
But not likely
80 years of prohibition
Track Name: Pre-Pre-Roll
It's a pre-pre-roll, a pre-roll before it's rolled
A pre-pre-roll, it's a pre-roll before
It's a pre-pre-roll, a pre-roll before it's rolled
A pre-roll prior to when it's rolled into a pre-roll
It's a pre-pre-roll, Look at All that Shake
It's a pre-pre-roll, Yo Pass me the Papes
It's a pre-pre-roll, Get ready to fade
Or maybe we should save it for tommorow's wake and bake
Or maybe we should freeze a glass and make it a milkshake
Or maybe we should hit it now; see what our brains can take
Or maybe recreate the hazed days ways change what we fake
Or maybe we should stay laid waste; just wait and salivate
Track Name: Headlines
Headline: They drew a line in the sand
Headline: Turns out it's alright to kill them
Headline: It's likely that some children died
But we won't mind, because they're not too white
Headline: Looks like it's time for war again
Headline: Turns out the last one did not end
Headline: Join us live tonight at five.
We'll justify then describe the sacrifice
Headlines from the head liars
who justify then describe the sacrifice
Track Name: Don't Even Faze Me
I'd like to go crazy, but I'm just too lazy,
Cuz I keep on blazing tho it don't even faze me

No, I'm not watching the fuckin news,
I smoked away my blues, Don't give one rip who's killin who,
Too faded to tell which bitch not to shoot,
Just Keep smokin and tokin and chokin, cuz what else am I gonna do
Cant even kick it with my crew,
Every bodies talking like we're doomed,
So I stay inside my room,
Puff up a cloud that can consume
All that itching to pursue, review, subdue, so true,
Society is totally motherfucking a bitch that is a screwed,
But my interest to assist has been removed.

Talkin about the plateau, those who know,
It's as high as you can go,
That's where I try to flow from all of the goddamn time, one love
You're welcome to visit if you like, cuz
You can put your blind trust
In my pleasantly cut tree of life fuzz,
Don't give one shit about what's going down outside, drugz
Will obscure enough potential threats that could remind us
There's not a single person out there left for them to drive nutz
We're all dumb kids on a cliff who know what falls from this height does
Flash floods, Dead bums, Corrupt politicians,
can't fix any fuckin one so just keep up a light buzz

& when all the madness finally drags its ass up to my doorstep,
I'll be so fuckin lit, I won't even notice that I'm dead
Track Name: Likely
I'd likely, like to like, like ya,
If, y'know, ya like like me (3x)
The smile cracks, the eyes they bat,
The vibe attracts, but Will steps back
The hook is set, the flame is lit,
Our fate's certain, My word's useless

Girl, you know I'm gonna be the best you ever had
Soon as I work up the nerve to make eye contact
Can't tell if you're flirting, cuz it's the job you have
I'm sure you're really worth it, but I'm afraid to ask
You know I'm only human, I was checkin out that ass,
But I'm truly interested in the person at your depths,
Wanna treat you like my world, Wanna pay you complements,
But there's just no way of knowing if you're working for a tip,
And not the little bit I hope will get to take a dip,
Ladies play me for my paper as if I am made of it,
But those harlots haprin on my heart strings
Who made me less delicate, know the loving you can get
Is among the very best, Bitch, you already had the rest
I've been here all along, giving you the slip,
I'm considerate, loving, and romantic,
But just too fucking meek and shy for you to ever notice

& then she said

Why you think I dress like this?
Left my hair a total mess?
Makin it so obvious?
I just got fucked by all your friends?
It's not about the satisfaction you can't ever hope to give.
It's just that you're a guppy in a shark tank, bitch.
You're in a shark tank, bitch (2X)
You're a precious little puppy in a shark tank, bitch.
You're in a shark tank, bitch (2X)
You're a chum-soaked fumbling bunny in a shark tank, bitch.
You're in a shark tank, bitch (2X)
You're something else that's really funny in comparison.
Track Name: Wish List
I know, know, know, know, know, know, know,
You wish, wish, wish, I said, said, said,
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,
But I won't, won't, won't, won't,
won't, won't, won't, won't,
Be, be, be, your dish, dish, dish,
Not now, now, now, or in, in, in,
The End, End, End, End, End, End
Track Name: Message Sent
Message sent, and received,
It wasn't a suggestion; I was observing the need
To artificially inseminate your grief,
So you could watch it blossom into intermittent periods of relief
From all the obstacles in place to keep your corpse propped on its knees
I'm sick of kicking in your teeth so politely
Track Name: The Thrill Kill Krew
We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
Prolly kill you
We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
You're Fuckin screwed
We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
So Fuck you

Check it, dude
I was in hibernation, On the darkside of the moon,
Inside of my old home space station,
When these assholes found me and assumed,
I'd want them mixing their DNA
With my special secret, sexy, saucy goo,
They woke me up, & gave me an army
To go wreak havoc on all you,

I'll prolly never get a chance to take a shot in ya,
You'd be raped five ways before I got it up,
I'm too busy fucking Hillary with Donald Trump,
You see a crater down the road, to me, it's just a speed bump,
Cuz we're the dirty things goin thumpin in the night,
To let you know everything is just not alright

Now I'm chillin like a villain in Antarctica,
Even the Pope shows up just to kiss my nub,
It's like a party in a basement with John Podesta,
Ever seen a man's butt get pealed like an onion?
Now we're gargling oil like it's lubricant,
Getting every single orifice fired up,
Satan passed out, though he's the one that hired us,
Yo, I wanna give a shout out to how much he sucks,
But while he's asleep, there's something I should say,
We spell crew with a "K",
Don't care that Tom Cruise is flamingly gay,
And though our arrival marks your end of days,
We'd like to offer you a way,
To make a play that lets you stay,
Until the last bits get swept away,
And only nothing remains,

Step 1: Kill Yourself, Step 2: Kill Everybody Else

Yo, I met your chick, She offered to suck my dick,
Said she's the best at it, Willing to work the tip,
& cradle the balls 'til I blow all over her chest,
To which, of course, I said yes
Cuz I don't give a shit about fuck,
Don't give one fuck about shit,
Don't care what you did with your pussy, loose bitch
Cuz you're just another dumb dick-sucking lack o judgement
Track Name: There's Still Nothing Left
She turned to me and said, all your particles are dead,
And in protest, my atoms fled, leaving behind my empty head
As its passing leaves you breathless,
Remember there's still nothing left,
From the depths beyond the edge
We see infinitely nothing's left,
As this flash-dance becomes a past tense,
It opens up paths to overhead comet,
As its passing leaves you breathless,
Remember there's still nothing left
Track Name: Worlds Away
Yeah! Nobody Blew up the World Today.
Hooray! No disease wiped out the entire human race,
Nobody sneaked away with copies of my DNA
Then came back the next day with an army of me
And the aliens aint yet came & taken me away
They stayed inside of my TV
And if I get my say, then all this crazy cray will remain
Worlds Away
Track Name: (Stick) Sickness In The Bliss
Hey America, How Ya Doin?
Hey, there "A mayor hick, huh?" Who ya screwin?

Someone in America has to stand up and suck Kim Kardashian's big black dick
Cuz Kanye West couldn't handle it

Hey America, Why ya so Sad?
It's not the jeans that make you look like that.
It's your fat ass.

Bill Cosby INNOCENT (3X)

We need the nicest of Isis, or maybe Alabama's brightest,
Ocean's floor at its highest, where all the penguins serve as pilots,
Sweetest fragrance from feces,
Democracy the way that Greece is,
The most loving-est of all egregiousness,
Yes, we must all agree to this,

God's asshole's waiting to get licked,
So stick your sickness in the bliss,
The void awaits you with a kiss,
So stick your sickness in the bliss!

Do it for the kids
Track Name: YO YOLO O
I say hey ho, She say ya? yo?, I says fo sho, She says l8r bro,
I'm all like wait, whoah, She's all like, slo yo roll,
Says I been here befo, & I'm comin back fo mo,
It's like she don't even know

Ya only YOLO once! Ya only YOLO once!

I got the flame that thro, Burnin up all of the to and fro,
Lights it like it's made o pure alcohol, Took too much, settle up,
It's time to go, Caught enough of a buzz to sleep till morn,
Gonna hafta keep up with the needle's soar,
Turn it over, crank it out, prepare fo more,
One half collapsed, other drags it,
Low hanging fruit sells outta habit,
It's like we're bled out before we ever have shit
Track Name: Don't Duck
You're fucked, Jafar, ya drove yer car too far drunk on Drakar Noir
You're fucked, Mulan, by Ghengis Khan, number one sons' procreation
You're fucked, Lightyear, ya smear the queer's weird cream of fear in beards I hear
You're fucked, You suck, don't truck, you schmuck, good luck, fill up,
don't duck
Track Name: My Bell (Again)
When I look in the mirror, I fail to see a rational human being,
If it were clearer to me, I might believe,
There's something greater indeed,
Way out there beyond what I can conceive,
But if it's revealed to me exclusively in dreams,
I'll keep drinking til I don't remember a single fucking thing.

She said, My Bell (My Bell, My Bell, My Bell)
I wish that I could tell you
To go and kill yourself
& Burn in fucking Hell
so I might get the chance to make you mine
Again (again, again, again, again,)

Just like our little dance, Assigning meaning to the past,
The visions fog, And what you think you saw,
Can only worsen your circumstances,
Lead you to NecRomances,
Flying by the seat of your fancy ass pansy pants is
Just another ill-advised remembrance. It didn't last,
Best to forget, Never live with regret,
But as far as whether or not you'll make it,
Well, I'm sure they're taking bets.
Track Name: M.I.M.O.S.
They gave me a corner office, and an envied wage,
I told them to go fuck themselves,
I wasn't made to remain encaged.

They said, thank you for all your help, and all the good you've done,
I said I never gave one single fuck,
I just did shit cuz it was kinda fun.

They said I can't wait to see your future,
Curious what you will do,
I said I hope if I see you it's cuz
You're gettin royally screwed.

Cuz, I'm just trying my maximum to be
A minimal. impact. member. of. society.

They said, come on boy, You're wasting all of your God-given potential,
I said I'll let you know when it's time
For me to go full shit show.

I wanna be a MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to be boasting about our precious lives,
We eat Cheetos and drink Mimosas,
& only ever witness nakedness when it's online,
I am a MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to reach goals or even fuckin try to try, &
If it aint our business, we don't mind,
Don't make a fuss, we'll just do us,
And wait for you lot to die,
We are the MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to be toast once the aliens arrive,
We won't heed the call to action,
Give no fucks about your factions,
Whether or not you survive, we will still divide,
We are the MIMOS!