9​/​11 Proof

by Hologram Pants

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released January 19, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: One More Try (Give It)
With sincere apologies to the victim's family,
Nothing can satisfy your grief,
But I thought it only fair to share,
My side of the story

My only previous occupation,
Had been exclusively in phone sex operation,
With no prior experience,
With any other vocation

So when I volunteered my time,
At the Suicide Hotline,
I was a little bit confused as to,
What I was supposed to do,
So when that young man said,
He was set to slit his wrists,
I replied most inappropriately with,
"That's HOT, baby, Do It!"

& When they find your body,
On the bathroom floor,
With open wrists, but you're still alive,
I hope they hand you they knife, and say,
"Give It One More Try!"

He went on to describe the sensation,
Of his soul leaving his body,
As the last of his blood drained away

To which I replied, "Y'know I'm right there with you baby,
Just chugged a bunch of pills, and I'm down to the bottom
of my Bottle of Cavasia"

& When they find my body,
On the bedroom floor,
Foaming at the mouth, with rolled back eyes,
I hope that if I survive, they let me

Give It One More Try!
Track Name: You Can't Take Us All
You Can't Take us All

Down to Guantanamo, Dress me up in Orange,
Shove a feed-tube up my Nose,
Now that software piracy and Porn,
Have joined the top-tier Known Terrors,

Whose body is easy to mistake, as we all Escaped,
I ran straight for the beach,
Feet never touched a grain of sand,
There were only other people underneath

Midnight, on a plane, tied to my chair,
Black bag over my face,
I always dreamed of visiting Egypt,
But hadn't pictured it this way

Off to wherever _____ knows,
The friendly factions of our foes,
Professional torturers, beset by civil wars,
They got problems enough of their own

You can't Take Us All,
Though you might not wanna even bother,
Cuz Y'know,

I can't stop your evil plot anyway,
So it makes sense I shot Krokodil in my veins,
But now my dick's rotted off so,
I Aint Got No Brain,

I get wishful thinking when there's news of plague,
I hear communal suicide pacts are all the rage,
I'm going belly up, ballahs out, unafraid,
Offering AIDS,

If you're sick of served up sickness on a silver plate,
Then wash your mind out with some bath salts and eat a face,
There's plenty debonair out there for the take,
Lynch and kill, or just Rape,

I'm highly likely to get high and try that lighting sky on fire trick,
Surf waves of napalm, ride the metal tide, get dipped in oil slick,
Thick as thieves with corporate sleaze, invade incestuous orgies,
Make trees extinct, breathe grease, increasingly deny everybody's
Natural Needs

Cuz I can't stop your evil plot anyway,
I get wishful thinking when there's news of plague,
If you're sick of served up sickness on a silver plate,

& If I live another day,
I'm gonna go straight to my local Blood Bank
& Say, "I came to give you everything,
Cuz I know that's what they take."
Track Name: Glide
Effortless and weightlessly do we, Glide,
Hovering at unimaginable speeds do we, Fly,
& We don't ever, Collide

Cuz the Invisible Shields of Our Magnetic Fields,
Means we'll always Survive,
& the Digital Wheel of What I Have Options to Feel,
Always sets my Heart a'fire.

So ride along side, We ride alongside,
We ride a long side for all time,
Cuz the Digital Wheel of What I Have Options to Feel,
Always sets my Heart a'fire.
So ride along side, We ride alongside,
We ride a long side until we die,
Cuz the Invisible Shields of Our Magnetic Fields,
Means we'll always Survive
Track Name: Beyond the Beyond
We'll never know, "Where is he from?"
Cuz he never told, "Where did he go?"
The beat-tastic Toad, The Baited Blues,

What do you got to lose?

Cuz as Far as I can see it,
There's no means of perceiving,
Lest we get up close, beyond rainbows receding,
We'll see that pot of gold by seeing without believing,
And in that moment we'll know why we're always screaming,

Go Beyond the Beyond
We gotta go Beyond the Beyond
Come on Beyond the Beyond
Track Name: Double Standard
One game they call the Double Standard,
One half's expected to have All the Answers,
The Other half, you can tell at a Glance,
That it Can't offer what it's Never had

Two things I can't stand about Her,
One's everything she Says, the other's her Laughter,
Both make me wish that I could Have her,
But she always Disappears right after

Three sheets to the wind, and I'm flattered,
When I awake, my Illusion is Shattered,
Body's broken, Ego's battered,
Cuz she's Not the same girl as when I was Plastered

One game they call the Double Standard,
One half's expected to have All the Answers,
The Other half, you can tell at a Glance,
That it Can't offer what it's Never had
Track Name: Epic F***ing Fail
I'm gonna need every last bit of Ivory for my Piano Keys,
& With the final piece, we'll make a nice figurine,
Of the Elephant that went Extinct,
So Kids could grow up with the Finer things,
The 3 Ring Circus died for these shiny beads,
But don't cry, just because you'll never see those beast,
Cuz everything on this planet is basically an

Epic F****ing Fail

These tiger stripes look really nice underneath my feet,
I only like rugs that should've eaten me,
But if it had such great predatory instincts,
Then why am I wiping my feet on its hide?
It died, and I survived. That's how I know I'm right.
Because the only judge is might,
& If fuzzy butts expect to make it out alive,
They best realize their visa's been denied!

Epic F***ing Fail

Forget the trees, forget that greenery, forget those flowering bees,
Forget the air that you need to breathe,
Face the terms of the new century, where the right to burn,
Is the only right we concede,
& If the future learns of some new technology,
To save themselves from what we're all currently doing,
I'll curse their name, Cuz if I get to see,
The 2nd to last person die in front of me,
I'll know I'm Winning!!!

Epic F***ing Fail
Track Name: Blue Velvet
She wore Blue Velvet,

Bluer than Velvet was the Night,
Softer than Satin was the Light,
From the Starts,

She Wore Blue Velvet,

Bluer than Velvet were her Eyes,
Warmer than May, her Tender Sighs,
Love was Ours,

Ours was a Love I held Tightly,
Feeling the Rapture Grow,
Like a Flame Burning brightly,
But when she Left, Gone was the Glow,

Of Blue Velvet,
But in my Heart, there will Always be,
Pleasant and Warm a Memory,
Through the Years,

And I still see Blue Velvet through my Tears
Track Name: The Right Place
It's likely a sketch of my mad nights again,
& I have tried to stare at it, but can't quite see on in,
And so I try to remain in mad love with me, and so I
Call you on your phone, hoping that you don't answer

When I say, "Oh man we are, just so troubled by our brains.
I don't care for it anymore. Oh, it's driving me so insane.
& Why after I've been gone does everyone go and Say...?"

Always, You Say,
Where you've been all these days,
& Where you'll be when you're finally
In the Right Place

Always, you say It's The Right Place
Track Name: Love is Fiction
Magical, dark angel, beyond the bounds of time,
Stretching across the Universe, destroying everything in sight,
Beckoned ever onward, unto the home of all mankind

Cuz Life is Meaningless,
And Love is Fleeting,
All of the Ancient, Tragic Moments,
They Just keep on Repeating,

Vacuous, horrible scourge unleashing Death,
Consuming all Flesh,
We deposit the Ashes of these Humans to your Depths,
For you to Ingest,
Let not one Atomic portion of Them escape your Rectum as Excrement,

Cuz Life is Meaningless
And Love is Futile
All You can Ever Hope to Get is
To Get to Smile for a While,

Cuz Life is Meaningless,
And Love is Fiction,
Believing in Its Existence is Sickness,
& Death is the Prescription

Love Is Fiction
Track Name: Utmost
Sequestered remembrance of former self,
Told optical illusory, "You're moving so well,
As you flow from space, through my shell and my self,
Whips around and bites its own head with its tail."
Track Name: Bring it Back
It reminded us that we liked it because of its resemblance to a
heart attack
& if you don't mind too much, towing the line and such, until we adjust

Bring it Back
& Make It Last
Bring it Back

Never satiated, my voracious nature remains instated,
We want back on track to feel this mass collapse,

Bring it Back
Track Name: Pre-Teen WMD
Liquid Christ on a crooked crutch,
Stuck with the Dutch & their wooden shoes,
Injectified into me and mine,
Til we can't tell time, but still bust a move.

With hate refined, we divvy the Divine,
Cut it into pieces, then dis tribute
Ted said we're dead, and I don't question him,
So if you can hear this, what's that mean for you?

Protest provided by the well-aimed flight
Of 1 or 2 of a brave man's shoes,
So how 'bout you
Wake Up and wait for a reason to

I watched you walk off the face of the earth
Then step to the edge and say
Lets Do That Again