Way Too Sober For This

by Hologram Pants

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released March 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Being a Human Being
They say you've gotta have some hopes and dreams,
But they just taught us how to mistake every want for a need.
I woke up with half the day wasted away so I stayed
Wasted the remainder of the day

Because it's so hard,
Being a human being a human being.
They make it so hard.

I just want to grow old, but not up, so I can appreciate things
They say I gotta get corporate and trade my time if I wanna eat
Track Name: the New Low
Welcome to the New Low, far beneath the bellows,
That stoke the flames of Hell for those lucky enough to call them home

Welcome to the New Low, amid the ancient fellows,
Notoriously unknown, staying buried for a tole

We're looking to make nothing, out of all this endless substance,
Can they guarantee the entirety of my consumption
For by within without inside in spite of, and why not just because it can't make light how widespread freedom catalyzed this dumbass numbness
Track Name: Cleave the Top
They don't teach history, cuz then you all might see
Every now and then you have to cleave the top layer off of those beneath

Cuz a few got too much, and the rest aint got enough
They say that when you're down, you just do not know what's up
But, at least, we know top tier aint us

Killers, kill us, because, there's just not enough drugs
Track Name: In Difference
Habits, haven't had a chance to form yet,
And so, I forget
Tragic, how wrapped up everyone is
In everyone else's business; I don't give a shit

Settle it amongst yourselves, before you drag us all to Hell
Along with you, I'll still just be myself

Frantically we fall on it, our faces pressed to its surfaces,
Where we swear our allegiance

Settle it amongst yourselves, before you drag us all to Hell
Along with you, I'll still just be myself

Too lazy to ever do well
So deeply moved, yet never quite compelled
Suicidally sorry for where we dwell
Far too ignorant of the intel

Settle it amongst yourselves, before you drag us all to Hell
Along with you, I'll still just be myself
Spastic, Flaccid, Callous, Damaged
Track Name: Worlds Away
Yeah, nobody blew up the world today
Hooray, no disease wiped out the entire human race
Nobody sneaked away with copies of my DNA
Then came back the next day with an army of me

And the aliens aint yet came to take me away
They stayed inside of my tv

And if I get my say, then all this crazy cray will remain
Worlds Away
Track Name: Your Puddin' & My Popsicle
Yo, girl, I need a treat. Open up yo silky sweet.
Why resist a consistent craving,
Wanna eat what's enslaving me,
I'll take it on my feet, on my back, or on my knees,
My imagination is replete with angles from which I'll be entering
I see those supple cheeks, bursting free from skin-tight jeans,
I wanna wreck 'em, get you sweatin, 'til you're bendin it like Beckham

Your puddin and my popsicle
Talkin about
Your puddin and my popsicle
Thinkin about
Your puddin and my popsicle
Talkin about
Your slick how to make it stick

So delicious, makes me wanna lick it

Now that I got you juicin', rub it in

Don't stop yet, I'm about to finish

Talkin about sex, bitch, you know that's all there is,
Everybody wants a bit, whether you crave clitoris or dick,

You either wanna drop down on it, or be the one to shove it in
Track Name: No One Gets Out
Got these robots flippin burgers,
Though obsolete, I'm a real fast learner
Old as the non-CGI Terminator,
and just as unemployed as the former Governator.
I heard a Wall Street kid ask how to get a chick,
and his butler said, "Master, bait her."
Automatic weapons don't add inches to your dictator
As they perforate they compensate as ego inflator

We oughta not get caught switchin it off,
They pee in the pod that's used to evacuate god,
That sticky shit from those on which they trod,
Such a mess they can't just wipe it off

Doin the job, breakin it off, findin who to rob, killin their dog
Squeezin a tit, eatin the rich, not givin a shit, putn bof of em in
Turnin it around, burnin down the town,
No One Gets Out, No One Gets Out
Track Name: Lack of Trying
I believe in the Force, cuz, of course, if I'm on a crash course,
I want more than just the whores behind me
Keep me in the court, and we'll stay afloat in port,
While the highs of the tide keep rising,
When it's time to set sail, one can always bail,
But for those who weep and wail,
It seems like they're never abiding,
Which is why they look at me like I'm this giant prick
Because I indicated that I do not give a shit
Whether or not it's from
Lack Of Trying
Track Name: the Cool People Went to Hell
We all got born, and we all gotta go, someday, somehow
From the moment that you start, you're headed on your way out

Some say there's an after party,
Some say there's just right now,
For those believing in sinners and saints,
You're told of a separate place for each,
But there's something you oughta know as well

All the Really Cool People Went to Hell
And if you get to Heaven, you'll have to party by yourself
Cuz all the really Cool People Went to Hell

Yo, what the fuck? Who really wants to go up?
I wanna hang with the sluts,
The kind that love while another sucks,
Wanna chill with villains and pimps,
You know dead gangstars hella partyin
Orgy in the lava? You know I wanna,
Count me in
Fuckers killin each other all the time,
Just to arrive back alive and sling another dope rhyme,
And pop one off in a motha cuz his dead mom's mother fucked her
I wanna be one of the cool kids,
The kind that went intravenous, that is,
Until they did themselves in,
The Joplin, the Hendrix, the Morrison,
Over there where Kurt Kobain is.
Eternal torture aint half bad if you got enough cocaine,
Plus I know how to have fun with all those whips and chains best
It may be blazing all day,
But at least there's coffee and cigarettes
And when the name of the game is to do your worst best
Then say Amen
Cuz at the end of the day,
You can always blow out your brains again