I say hey ho, She say ya? yo?, I says fo sho, She says l8r bro,
I'm all like wait, whoah, She's all like, slo yo roll,
Says I been here befo, & I'm comin back fo mo,
It's like she don't even know

Ya only YOLO once! Ya only YOLO once!

I got the flame that thro, Burnin up all of the to and fro,
Lights it like it's made o pure alcohol, Took too much, settle up,
It's time to go, Caught enough of a buzz to sleep till morn,
Gonna hafta keep up with the needle's soar,
Turn it over, crank it out, prepare fo more,
One half collapsed, other drags it,
Low hanging fruit sells outta habit,
It's like we're bled out before we ever have shit


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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