The Thrill Kill Krew

from by Hologram Pants



We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
Prolly kill you
We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
You're Fuckin screwed
We're the thrill kill krew,
We're gonna do,
Whate'er we want to
So Fuck you

Check it, dude
I was in hibernation, On the darkside of the moon,
Inside of my old home space station,
When these assholes found me and assumed,
I'd want them mixing their DNA
With my special secret, sexy, saucy goo,
They woke me up, & gave me an army
To go wreak havoc on all you,

I'll prolly never get a chance to take a shot in ya,
You'd be raped five ways before I got it up,
I'm too busy fucking Hillary with Donald Trump,
You see a crater down the road, to me, it's just a speed bump,
Cuz we're the dirty things goin thumpin in the night,
To let you know everything is just not alright

Now I'm chillin like a villain in Antarctica,
Even the Pope shows up just to kiss my nub,
It's like a party in a basement with John Podesta,
Ever seen a man's butt get pealed like an onion?
Now we're gargling oil like it's lubricant,
Getting every single orifice fired up,
Satan passed out, though he's the one that hired us,
Yo, I wanna give a shout out to how much he sucks,
But while he's asleep, there's something I should say,
We spell crew with a "K",
Don't care that Tom Cruise is flamingly gay,
And though our arrival marks your end of days,
We'd like to offer you a way,
To make a play that lets you stay,
Until the last bits get swept away,
And only nothing remains,

Step 1: Kill Yourself, Step 2: Kill Everybody Else

Yo, I met your chick, She offered to suck my dick,
Said she's the best at it, Willing to work the tip,
& cradle the balls 'til I blow all over her chest,
To which, of course, I said yes
Cuz I don't give a shit about fuck,
Don't give one fuck about shit,
Don't care what you did with your pussy, loose bitch
Cuz you're just another dumb dick-sucking lack o judgement


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



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Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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