(Stick) Sickness In The Bliss

from by Hologram Pants



Hey America, How Ya Doin?
Hey, there "A mayor hick, huh?" Who ya screwin?

Someone in America has to stand up and suck Kim Kardashian's big black dick
Cuz Kanye West couldn't handle it

Hey America, Why ya so Sad?
It's not the jeans that make you look like that.
It's your fat ass.

Bill Cosby INNOCENT (3X)

We need the nicest of Isis, or maybe Alabama's brightest,
Ocean's floor at its highest, where all the penguins serve as pilots,
Sweetest fragrance from feces,
Democracy the way that Greece is,
The most loving-est of all egregiousness,
Yes, we must all agree to this,

God's asshole's waiting to get licked,
So stick your sickness in the bliss,
The void awaits you with a kiss,
So stick your sickness in the bliss!

Do it for the kids


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



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Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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