Mommy Still Aint Proud O Me

from by Hologram Pants



Mommy still aint proud o me because I sell weed

Yall know Mommy, you know she love me,
but she aint proud o me.
She's all like what the fuck are you gonna do with your life?
Same thing as always, Mah. A'ight?

My first paycheck equaled my first bag,
More money after that meant even fatter sacks,
When I was broke as a joke it was my only way to bounce back,
Now it movin like aspirin 'stead of slinging like crack,
No more berries and cherries, dodging down alleyways
and taking mad flak even after surviving the attack,
Got the law on our side this time
but my mom aint changed her mind
she still thinks this shit is wak

Born with a face not even a mother could love,
Cuz it looked just like its father,
Big sisters dissapointed,
Cuz they promised her I'd be another daughter,
Opposition - always got it, endorsement - not what I wanted,
Oughta build it, so I bought it,
Lack therof always flaunted,
Not often polished, but honest. trotted out like rockin,
Trip-hoppin cuk-socking lobotomies - obviously not the only option
Flowin like roses wars of imposing olfaction, forgotten aromatic inaction
Of the Peaceful lack of process to get us all across this divide
of What we have and where and why, until it's neither you or I nor do or die
The loss just multiplies regardless of whatever whomever tries
So slip and slide, subside, divize some signs we might survive this time
Errors by which our trials' designed
Cuz I'm abiding this life with a rolled leaf and a light

If I can't have my fire, I might put up a fight
But not likely
80 years of prohibition


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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