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They gave me a corner office, and an envied wage,
I told them to go fuck themselves,
I wasn't made to remain encaged.

They said, thank you for all your help, and all the good you've done,
I said I never gave one single fuck,
I just did shit cuz it was kinda fun.

They said I can't wait to see your future,
Curious what you will do,
I said I hope if I see you it's cuz
You're gettin royally screwed.

Cuz, I'm just trying my maximum to be
A minimal. impact. member. of. society.

They said, come on boy, You're wasting all of your God-given potential,
I said I'll let you know when it's time
For me to go full shit show.

I wanna be a MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to be boasting about our precious lives,
We eat Cheetos and drink Mimosas,
& only ever witness nakedness when it's online,
I am a MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to reach goals or even fuckin try to try, &
If it aint our business, we don't mind,
Don't make a fuss, we'll just do us,
And wait for you lot to die,
We are the MIMOS, we are thee most,
Unlikely to be toast once the aliens arrive,
We won't heed the call to action,
Give no fucks about your factions,
Whether or not you survive, we will still divide,
We are the MIMOS!


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



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Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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