Don't Even Faze Me

from by Hologram Pants



I'd like to go crazy, but I'm just too lazy,
Cuz I keep on blazing tho it don't even faze me

No, I'm not watching the fuckin news,
I smoked away my blues, Don't give one rip who's killin who,
Too faded to tell which bitch not to shoot,
Just Keep smokin and tokin and chokin, cuz what else am I gonna do
Cant even kick it with my crew,
Every bodies talking like we're doomed,
So I stay inside my room,
Puff up a cloud that can consume
All that itching to pursue, review, subdue, so true,
Society is totally motherfucking a bitch that is a screwed,
But my interest to assist has been removed.

Talkin about the plateau, those who know,
It's as high as you can go,
That's where I try to flow from all of the goddamn time, one love
You're welcome to visit if you like, cuz
You can put your blind trust
In my pleasantly cut tree of life fuzz,
Don't give one shit about what's going down outside, drugz
Will obscure enough potential threats that could remind us
There's not a single person out there left for them to drive nutz
We're all dumb kids on a cliff who know what falls from this height does
Flash floods, Dead bums, Corrupt politicians,
can't fix any fuckin one so just keep up a light buzz

& when all the madness finally drags its ass up to my doorstep,
I'll be so fuckin lit, I won't even notice that I'm dead


from Ass In 9 & Tit Tease Anal Isis, released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Hologram Pants Eugene, Oregon

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